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Fancy Diamonds

Naturally colored diamonds that have a distinct shade are known as “fancy diamonds”. White diamonds attract the eye with their incredible brilliance and reflective glints; colored diamonds have the same properties, but the color creates an additional emotional appeal.

It is said that just one in every 10,000 natural diamonds can be classed as a fancy colour diamond.

Exceptional diamond colour can be traced to the lattice of carbon atoms that form a diamond’s microscopic structure. Over billions of years, coloured diamonds were formed through exposure to heat, natural radiation or the saturation of natural elements. These incredibly rare processes result in beautiful tones and deep saturation of colour that evoke a deeply personal response in each of us.


When a diamond is saturated with nitrogen it becomes yellow, ranging from pale lemon hues to vibrant canary shades. The most sensational


Rich shades of cognac, cinnamon and chocolate are all part of the brown diamond family. This fancy colour is formed from high pressure and temperature deep below the ground, which is perhaps why they are romantically linked to stability and reassurance.


Some of the rarest and most highly-prized fancy intense and fancy vivid diamonds have beautiful pink tones. This feminine, romantic colour is among the hardest to find in nature, although some impressive diamonds have been found in Western Australia and Brazil.


Symbolic of peace, calm and freedom, blue diamonds are especially rare. The presence of boron in the carbon lattice of a diamond allows electricity to pass through, creating a beautiful blue colour. The more boron in a diamond’s structure, the more intense the shade.


Like fancy blue diamonds, it is the presence of boron that forms a grey diamond. These relatively unknown treasures are considered alongside red and orange diamonds as the most coveted colours. Grey diamonds often house hints of blue at their centres and have come to represent wisdom and security.


Sought after green diamonds are created when natural, and completely harmless, radiation is absorbed into a diamond over millions of years. This process is so specific and so rare that green diamonds have become highly prized. Green is associated with balance and harmony, while also representing new beginnings.


Colour, intensity and rarity are the most important factors when selecting exceptional coloured diamonds. Citrus and amber shades can be found in natural diamonds, but pure orange diamonds are among the rarest in the world. These nitrogen-rich diamonds are said to evoke feelings of courage.


As the colour of the diamonds is produced by the presence of mineral inclusions, coloured diamonds are not ranked by their purity but by the intensity of their colour, and may be categorized as Light, Fancy Light, Fancy, Fancy Intense, Fancy Vivid, Fancy Dark or Fancy Deep. This colour intensity grid is used for yellow, orange, pink and blue diamonds, these are undyed diamonds. Sometimes coloured diamonds have a secondary tone and are then described as brownish yellow, grayish blue, etc.

Coloured diamonds present a distinct natural color are therefore extremely rare, which makes them particularly special.