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Nicholas diamonds is an exclusive jewelry brand, created by Aviva Edison in 1997. In Antwerp (Belgium) the capital of diamonds known as “the diamond district “. It is the largest Diamond district in the world, where 84% of the worlds rough diamonds are passed through making it the largest diamond center with a turnover of 54 billion dollars.

Nicholas diamonds is a 3rd generation company from father to son and has  established a high reputation when it comes to selling high quality diamonds and jewelry.

Growing up in the diamond world, seeing, feeling and observing the diamond trade, taught me the value of perfection, thinking ahead of time, with an adventurous and delicate style to select and create jewelry collections.

I choose to produce my collections in Italy, where the craftsmanship and design are excellent. Always on the lookout for the finest and high quality diamonds.

As a member of the Antwerp diamond bourse, I have established a high reputation in the diamond trade , as well as by the clientele.

My goal is to serve the customers, providing the best quality and price of diamonds, passing through my knowledge and experience through the exquisite design.

When you purchase a diamond from Nicholas Diamonds, we want you to be sure, not only by the quality of the diamonds but also that you as a customer get exactly what you paid for.
Welcome to my world.

Aviva Edison